Reasons Why Being A Newcomer Isn’t So Bad 

Reasons Why Being A Newcomer Isn’t So Bad 

Every person who has come into recovery was once a newcomer. If you are a newcomer, rest easy that everyone who is trying to remain sober knows how you feel. Yes, being a newcomer can be difficult with trying to gauge your newfound sobriety, but being a newcomer is not all that bad, and here some of the main reasons why.

You are the most important person in the room. 

People who have been sober for a while need your input. One of the best tools to assist in keeping someone sober is to hear what it is like out there. Their past is what reminds them why they are staying sober and your recent last drunk or high is what helps advise them the reason they should stay in recovery. Although you may not be ready to share your most recent bottom, when you become willing, your research in the field will be appreciated. Reiterating how bad drug and alcohol addiction still is can help others to continue to keep their sobriety date. 

You get a clean slate.

There is never a better time to start over then when you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired. Getting underway in your recovery can also give you an opportunity to instill a new beginning. The 12-Steps, therapy, spiritual principles, and being of service can catapult you in a new direction that does not involve using drugs and alcohol any longer. In order to begin your new life in recovery, a clean slate can help to focus on the present moment instead of continuously reliving the failures of your past. 

You have a new solution.

What was working for you in your addiction will not work for you in your recovery. Your new solution stems from working your program to the best of your ability by living without drugs and alcohol and implementing your new spiritual tools. Having a purpose other than drinking and using can open your life to new possibilities by propelling you into the next sober stage of life you were meant for. 

Being a newcomer can be frightening with all the changes you are making to better your life in sobriety, but it can also be exciting. The fear of the unknown can be disconcerting although once you get there, you will finally get to see beyond your wildest dreams.  

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