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Social Media and Sobriety

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Let’s face it, technology is probably a major part of your everyday life. You probably use one or more social media platforms, the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. There are many benefits to using social media, but it can be harmful, especially during the recovery process. No matter where you are […]

Curating Your Social Media to Promote Mental Health

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If you are living and breathing in the 21st century, then you’re also probably on social media. Kudos to those of you who have avoided the trends, posts, and likes, but most people are engaging with social media in one way or another. The recent Netflix documentary Social Dilemma highlighted some of the harmful effects of […]

How Fake Social Media Lives Can Leave You Feeling Inferior

Social media websites are popular ways to stay in touch with friends and family, make new acquaintances, and promote hobbies or work. Facebook boasts 2.7 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 330 million, and 1 billion people enjoy Instagram. Taken at face value, social media sites are about letting others peek into the significant moments […]

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?

Everywhere you look, social media is being referenced in some manner. Whether you see hashtags, posts being referenced, or politician’s tweets being publicized, social media is one of the things that takes up much of our time. With the ease of apps and the continuous evolution of technology, social media has its hands in most […]

Control Your Social Media Use

Control Your Social Media Use

Social media connects in ways that were never possible before but it also has some pretty significant drawbacks if you let it control your behavior. Social media platforms intentionally make their products as addictive as possible, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and depression. At least two studies have found that Facebook, instead […]