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Fending Off Cravings

fending off cravings

While in recovery, it is natural to experience cravings. You may have a desire to use again at random moments. This is part of the recovery process. Substance use disorder is a physiologic illness where your body feels compelled to give in to cravings. So understand that it’s the illness talking. These cravings can come […]

How Long Do Drug Cravings Last During Withdrawal?

For a person contemplating entering recovery for their struggle with addiction, one of the biggest concerns revolves around experiencing physical cravings for their drug of choice. The idea of feeling the familiar,  urgent drive to indulge that craving but not having the option due to being in a residential or hospitalization program can be overwhelming.  […]

How Do I Know I Am Done?

People come into recovery thinking that they are done living in their active addiction and are ready to move into their recovery. The problem is that just thinking that they are finished with their underhanded ways is not enough. Action has to take place and this includes discussing any reservations, urges, plans, triggers, or cravings, […]

Reasons Why Your Environment Is Crucial for Your Recovery

your environment

Having some shelter is a basic necessity for the well-being of someone’s self-care. Without a place to retreat, life tends to become chaotic and unpredictable. Not having a safe place to fall in their recovery will eventually lead a person to feel unstable in their environment. What you need to understand is that the environment […]