How Do I Know I Am Done?

People come into recovery thinking that they are done living in their active addiction and are ready to move into their recovery. The problem is that just thinking that they are finished with their underhanded ways is not enough. Action has to take place and this includes discussing any reservations, urges, plans, triggers, or cravings, to investigate what your intentions really are in your recovery.

What Questions Should I Ask?

There are a plethora of questions you could ask yourself to know what you are aiming for with sobriety. Am I doing this for any other reason besides myself? Am I willing to go to any lengths for cessation from drugs and alcohol? Am I ready to be vulnerable enough with my sponsor and tell the whole truth? Will I take suggestions from someone who has what I want in sobriety?

Can I suit up and show up for life in a way that includes recovery meetings and learning more about my addiction? These are some of the valid questions that you can ask yourself to see what page you are on regarding your recovery. The verity of these answers will give you a chance to recover from drugs and alcohol and set you free.

What Answers Should I Give?

Having honest answers to these vital questions will give you all the insight you need to finally concede to your innermost self that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Once this essential admission takes place, you have a better opportunity to hear the solution. Without answering “yes,” you are holding back fortuity that can give you the strength to get and stay sober.

When you have had enough of the adverse situations in your addiction and start feeling the hope in recovery, you will want to stay. Recovery does not mean that everything will be perfect. Recovery means that you have found a way to progressively recover with tools, support, and solutions that will guide you in a better direction.

Only you can know if you are done or not. Hitting a bottom in your addiction usually will dictate the level of authenticity with your desire to stop using and drinking. Admitting you are powerless over these substances and that your life has become unmanageable as a direct result is crucial. Without this acknowledgment, you may never decide that you are done. Recovery can give the hope that you need to know you are worth the journey of staying sober.

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