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I’ve Got This: Managing Symptoms for Mental Health Disorders

Managing a mental health disorder, regardless of what disorder it is, is not an easy thing to do. At times you might feel drained, disheartened, or even debilitated. However, no matter what mental health condition you may suffer from, you can apply healthy and effective techniques that will allow you to control your symptoms. Discovering […]

Substance Use and Its Impact on Personality Disorders

Personality is defined as patterns of perceiving, feeling, thinking, and relating oneself to others. Individual personalities make each person unique, but they also offer a form of commonality with other humans. When personality patterns deviate from the expectations of social and cultural norms, personality disorders can develop. Personality disorders are mental health conditions that alter […]

Polar Opposites: Differences Between Bipolar I and II Disorder

Imagine this: You experience a sudden, random, huge burst of energy, creativity, and motivation. However, this is not just a “few cups of coffee” burst of energy. This is a new level of energy that is so powerful that it can motivate you to catch up with friends, be the most productive person in the […]