What is Community Care?

diverse characters holding up jigsaw pieces

We often hear about the importance of self-care in the era of mental health clickbait and an increasing desire for likes on social media. But what about community care? What about putting systems in place so that people don’t feel so alone in the world?

It Starts With a Neighborhood

Imagine neighbors passing one another with a wave and greeting as opposed to being glued to their iPhones. Imagine organizing around fixing the pothole on your street so that your morning commute feels less stressful. Imagine advocating for the opening of a mental health clinic within a reasonable distance from your home. These efforts might muster a sense of belonging that could not have been imagined.

In the age of globalization and after the advent of social media, it takes extra effort to shift our gaze from our phone screens to our local community. While it is important to be impassioned about turmoil happening anywhere in the world, what would happen if we put that passion into the communities we inhabit?

Support Local Businesses

One way to start this process is by supporting local businesses. By buying food from local groceries with locally sourced ingredients, we can avoid labor exploitation in other countries. In banking locally, we support the growth of our immediate communities. By taking public transportation, we can further support our city. Each of these practices has the potential to reintegrate you into your neighborhood. Perhaps you try doing these things and then decide they are too challenging and not worth it. On the other hand, you might find yourself in a place of greater wellbeing after the fact.

So while the calls for self-care are necessary, let’s amplify #communitycare. Relational experiences form us just as much as our genetics and desires. Once we lean into the communities we inhabit, we can foster a sense of belonging. Who doesn’t want to belong?

At Valiant Living, we know everyone needs a community for support. That is why we have such a robust and multidimensional care team at your disposal. In addition, when you graduate from the program, we want to ensure you have the proper support moving forward. Our men’s only facility located in Colorado treats addiction and co-occurring mental illness. Everyone in recovery needs a community to rely on when times get hard. That starts on the streets you live and the spaces where you convene. We know that #communitycare matters. To learn more about our services, you can reach us at (303) 952-5035.