Practicing Assertive Communication

There are many different styles of communication but if you are trying to express your needs calmly and succinctly, you should consider practicing assertive communication. Using this communication tactic, you can state your intentions clearly without overlooking your needs or overpowering others with them. When compared to the alternatives of passive and aggressive communication, assertive communication allows you to express yourself while also opening the door to compromise. Before delving into assertive communication, however, it is helpful to review the alternatives.

Passive Communication

This method of communication fails in stating your needs or declaring your desires. It often means completely acquiescing to another person and results in the communicator getting taken advantage of by the other person.

Aggressive Communication

This method of communication is often loud and overbearing. While the communicator states their needs, they are confrontational and not willing to listen to the other side. This person often interrupts and will push for their interests above all others in the argument. 

Assertive Communication

This method of communication is not only fairer but also more effective. By stating your intentions and opening yourself up to active listening, you are exuding confidence in the relationship. It is helpful to use “I” statements in this communication style to center yourself and your needs while noting the impact others’ actions have on your feelings and psyche.

It is important to try to practice assertive communication so that you get your needs met and foster healthy relationships in your life. Part of assertive communication is knowing when to set boundaries and take a break from a difficult situation to revisit it later.


There are three different types of communication: passive, aggressive, and assertive. To get your needs met while also growing healthy relationships, try practicing assertive communication. Using this method, which emphasizes “I” statements and active listening, you can find compromises that satisfy you and the other person. It is a skill that you can learn over time through appropriate therapy and practice. At Valiant Living, we teach our clients how to assert themselves in conversation along with other skills. . Our inpatient and outpatient facility located in the beautiful mountains of Denver, Colorado, gives you a place to process and improve your relationships. We treat addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses and our expert staff will equip you with the tools so that you may lead a more fulfilling life when you leave. To learn more about our services, contact us today at (303) 952-5035.