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That’s What Friends Are For: Friendship and Recovery

Your social interactions are a central theme in every stage of development. Intimate relationships are a testament to your humanness and are also vital to both your mental and emotional well-being. Typically, a person’s first social relationships are with family. However, over time, you may find that the most important and influential relationships are those […]

Leaning on Friendship

leaning on friendship

Sometimes in life, our job or our romantic relationships are not bringing us the satisfaction we seek. This is when friendship becomes fundamental. Friendship is a form of intimacy that is often overlooked and under-discussed. Our friends, however, carry us through the most tumultuous of times. Consistency Friendships can be some of the most consistent […]

How to Help a Friend with Mental Illness

It’s hard to know how to react when a friend tells you they are battling mental illness. Or worse yet, when a friend’s life is falling apart and you don’t know why. Obviously, you want to help, but it’s not always clear how you can help or whether it’s your place to get involved. If […]