Why Do I Keep Chasing Chaos?

One thing that may have thrown you for a loop is how the chaos continues to find you now that you are sober from drugs and alcohol. You believe that drugs and alcohol were the problems. Now that you are sober, you may still find that you are chasing the chaos that you have tried desperately to get away from.

Chaos is usually a deterrent for most people to hide behind, but chaos feels more comfortable for you because that is probably what you have made your norm. By implementing recovery measures, you can remove unneeded chaos and instead add some serenity into the mix.

Calm Your Mind

Part of the chaos starts in your mind. You can get yourself all worked up based on the thoughts that are circling in your brain. Find soothing techniques to try when your brain does not settle down. Meditate. Go for a walk. Exercise. Read a book. Listen to a funny podcast. A simple distraction can bring about a brand-new perspective to keep you from acting on any baseless chaotic thoughts.

Note Your Physical Response

A great tool to use for chaos is to notice what your body does with turmoil. If your blood pressure gets high, your neck gets stiff, your stomach gets in knots, or you experience headaches, you may need to embrace less-stressful scenarios. Chances are, you may think you thrive in chaos but, if your body is negatively responding, it may be time to make some changes.

Watch Your Reaction

Chaos will infiltrate every part of life, including your emotional response. With no sense of harmony in the picture, you may find yourself lashing out and becoming impatient if things are not going your way. You were not meant to live with constant inner turmoil. You were meant to live with the ability to have a positive outlook on life that you can get through anything instead of using drugs and alcohol as an escape.

As you continue to make changes based on your recovery, the chaos will start to fall away, if you are willing. Even though the chaos may still happen, you can react sanely and appropriately with a program in place. You get to define what your life will look like moving forward by not chasing chaos any longer and living a peaceful and sober life.

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