Ways to Maintain Your Long-Term Sobriety

You have repeatedly been told that you must live in the present moment, one day at a time, to avoid getting ahead of yourself. What you have to consider is that you still need to prepare for your future recovery. You have to choose not to pick up a drink or drug 24 hours a day, every day, but there is more to your recovery than just not drinking or using. Trying to maintain long-term sobriety is essential and could save your life.

What You Do Today Matters

Fill your day with useful activities that will enhance your recovery. Everything that you do for today will prepare you for a better tomorrow. Your attitude can be significantly affected by what you do. Try to keep from HALTing daily, which covers being hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. When you take action to prevent these needs, your recovery will prevail.

Be Open to Changing Plans

You may believe that you can control everything, but the truth is that you either have to go with the flow or find that life will continue being difficult. Once you give up control, you find that life is much easier when you are not trying to make everything about your comfort. When you can just be happy with how things are, you will find more joy in everyday life.

Mistakes Prove You Are Trying

Everybody makes mistakes. What you do with these mistakes is what makes all the difference. Learning from your mishaps means that you see the value in the lesson. Hopefully, you can see that you are trying to make a better life by trying to take corrective measures. You will find that your mistakes do not have to define you but push you to make better decisions that will make your recovery long-lasting.

Maybe your goal when you started recovery was to go through the motions then return to drinking and drug use, but safely. Keep in mind that if you are addicted, everything will get progressively worse when you start back up. Addiction means that you will need help to get sober, which in return will involve taking your recovery very seriously, as a life or death matter. Maintaining long-term sobriety should become your goal, and if you apply yourself, your mission can become your devotion.

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