Monthly Archives: August 2020

How Being Beautiful on the Inside Can Be Enduring

Addiction rips through the lives of people who are unexpecting what comes next. Alcohol and drugs initially make people feel like they are invincible and like they can take over the world. While this confidence may be alluring, drugs will turn on a person faster than they may realize. Instead of feeling good under the […]

7 Signs That Might Lead You to a Relapse

Relapse prevention is a must to stay sober. An addiction can be relentless while waiting on the sidelines for you to make a mistake. As a human, you will consistently have to work on your shortcomings to exhibit growth. If you are not willing to do something about your shortcomings, you may find yourself in […]

How Do I Communicate With My Higher Power?

Recovery suggests finding a higher power as a means to gain the direction and strength needed to stay sober. The intangibility of a higher power, however, can keep a person from grasping the concept of faith. Trying to communicate with your higher power may seem foreign and impossible because someone may be looking for something […]

Why Miley Cyrus Got Sober

When you think of Miley Cyrus, you may remember her Disney Channel days of Hannah Montana. You might also remember her outrageous interviews and tumultuous relationships that put her in the spotlight for things other than her music and acting career. With everything that was portrayed in the media, one thing that she made loud […]