How Being Beautiful on the Inside Can Be Enduring

Addiction rips through the lives of people who are unexpecting what comes next. Alcohol and drugs initially make people feel like they are invincible and like they can take over the world. While this confidence may be alluring, drugs will turn on a person faster than they may realize.

Instead of feeling good under the influence, self-confidence and self-worth are destroyed to rely solely upon the effects of mind-altering substances to feel complete. When a person suffering from drug and alcohol addiction looks in the mirror, all they see is a sad, miserable shell of a person who wants something different but does not know how to get there.

During the quest to get sober, there has to be a shift inside the individual that wants to alter the way they feel without using drugs and alcohol to do it. The problem with this mission is that a person will want to numb out all their negative emotions once they begin to feel the sorrow and frustration of where addiction has brought them to.

Although you may feel so inclined to give up and start using drugs and drinking alcohol, sometimes if you take a look on the inside with prudence and care, you will find that you can stay sober. Cleaning out your insides in hopes of recovering can make all the world’s difference as an ongoing process.

You Can Become Unwavering

Not doing what you said you would do generates an uneasiness that will keep chipping away at your self-esteem. As you start becoming accountable, you find that you are true to your word because you want to be a principled person culpable with your responsibilities. You can show that you are unwavering because your recovery has proven that you are worth it.

You Can Exhibit Confidence

Your addiction made you feel like you are a weakling, and you obliged to that notion. Since you were powerless over drugs and alcohol, there was no way that you could dispute the reality of your being. When you start looking inside yourself to make adjustments, you will gain confidence and start becoming self-assured in the way you are handling yourself.

You Can Demonstrate Joy

Addiction is an illusion in that it makes you feel good with the effect drugs and alcohol produces but can set you over the edge with the tolerance that occurs. You feel like you cannot function without alcohol and drugs in the mix, which will steal your joy, trying to get your next fix. Taking away the chase will give you time to focus on your recovery, which, in return, will establish some happiness that will fulfill you.

You Can See Beauty Beyond

Once you start seeing the beauty from within you, everything around you will begin to look different. Nature will be more noticeable with colorful sunsets, blooming flowers, or hearing birds chirp. Since you have exhibited impressive growth, you will cherish that there is much going around that you were missing. Now, you will tackle life with a new outlook that is so much better in recovery through learning to love yourself.

You Can Learn Gratefulness

There was probably nothing more that you were grateful for than being able to escape from life with the use of drugs and alcohol. You did anything to accomplish the feeling that took you away from your uncomfortableness. With the help of recovery, you can see that there is so much more to life than just getting high or drunk.

Life will have a new meaning, and you can see that life is worthwhile. Your gratitude list will grow exponentially with each passing day that you begin to care for your mental health and feed your soul with optimism.

You Can Think Positively

Doom and gloom was the mood of each day that you were fighting to consume drugs and alcohol merely to stay loaded continuously. Negativity can be removed with positive thoughts and actions with the addition of a recovery program to help you cope with life. There will not be the need to ingest anything to change the way you feel if you remain positive with the effort you are putting into yourself to become a sober version of yourself.

You Can Help Others

Trying to be of service to someone else when you are drunk or high is not going to work. You can help people all day, although you may be doing it to people-please or get something in return. When you start being of service for the right reasons, you will get a natural high that will give you a purpose to remain sober.

Service work is second to none when it comes to genuinely caring for someone else and giving them a hand. You will start to feel generous, giving, and compassionate for the well-being of others. Even if you believe that you can never get rid of any character defects that make you feel less than, you should try.

Recovery is all about conceiving changes intended to make you appreciate all that you have been through so that you never want to go back there again. Once you realize how good you feel when you start cleaning out your insides in recovery, you can begin enjoying living life again sober.

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