How Do I Make the Most of Each Sober Day?

Getting sober can create many exciting opportunities, but there will be those days when you will not be feeling it. Life on life’s terms still occurs even when you believe that when you stop drinking or using drugs, everything will automatically be much better. Staying sober means that you have to make the most of each day no matter what you have to endure. You need to know that you can make it through one day at a time by using coping skills that will be useful in everyday situations.

Be Kind to Yourself

You may question why you have to deal with an addiction in the first place and think of it as a handicap. The truth is that your recovery can be the biggest blessing of your life if you choose to participate. Instead of thinking that you are a failure, believe that you are serving a higher purpose.

Be Willing to Plan an Agenda

Making the most of each day can be managed better by having some consistent activities that can keep you accountable. Find a home group recovery meeting to attend. Take on commitments to get you to meetings regularly. Find ways to volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis. Having an agenda will keep you active in your recovery, so you already know what to do to stay sober.

Be Open to Self-Care

When you feel good, you will take better actions. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising, filling your soul with inspiration, and doing something that you enjoy. No one can ever take better care of you than you can by following the intuition of a higher power. You should care for yourself in a way that can be a shining example for others.

You did not get sober to live in procrastination and worry. You got sober to live life to the fullest with the acceptance that some days will be better than others. Deciding that you will make the most of each day in sobriety means trudging the road of happy destiny.

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