Why Do They Want to Hear My Share?

A jarring aspect of recovery meetings is getting called on to share, especially if you are new. Talking about your awkward feelings and the adverse situations that happened while you were under the influence of mind-altering substances is not easy.

Vulnerability is the name of the game in recovery, which does not come easily for someone who has battled drug and alcohol addiction. When you let your walls down and let others in by telling your story, you are really just expressing experience, strength, and hope for anyone to connect to.

Your Story Can Prevent Relapse

When you tell your story of what you overcame, you give a survival guide to another person who is trying to relate. Your share may be the missing piece that they need to connect them to their recovery. Instead of going back out there, they may heed your warning because your research has given them enough proof to want to stop.

Your Story Can Set You Free

Talking about why you took the leap of faith into sobriety will take the power out of the shame and guilt that you have felt. Everybody has a past, and maybe you feel like what you did in the throes of your addiction is too embarrassing to share. Secrets will keep you sick. Talking about your past will liberate the present and your future.

Your Story Is Your Truth

At some point, you have to own your truth because your story is your story. Instead of letting it hold you back as something negative, you can share it with others to show them that they can do the same. As you share, people will be in awe of the courage you display by telling the truth.

Although you may not feel like you are ready to share what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now, you should anyways. There are significant benefits to being willing to share with others, such as building confidence, letting the power out of any negativity, and allowing you to move forward with vigor in your recovery. Everyone has a story to tell, and the one you have to share will show others why you decided to make the change to get sober.

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