Tips to Start the School Year With Uncertainty

How everyone will attend school next year is looking different for students, teachers, and parents across the country. With the global pandemic still creating the need for social distancing and precautions based on safety guidelines, there is uncertainty about how this will affect educational institutions.

People who suffer from addiction may find their anxiety through the roof due to unwanted changes, which could make them want to drink alcohol and use drugs to cope. Before you allow this to happen to you, check out these tips to start this new school year without having to let your emotions get the best of you.

Do Your Own Research

To be prepared for the upcoming school year, you should be open to attending informational meetings or gather applications, schedules, and forms to assist you in gaining insight, so you are not blindsided by anything new. See what your part will be in what will happen next, so you can make the proper arrangements to keep education the priority it needs to be.

Be Open to Change

No one really likes change, but sometimes change can provide new beginnings that you were not anticipating, making a positive difference. Optimism is a choice as much as it is an attitude that can get you much farther than fighting to just remain the same. Simply taking the next steps indicated will help you focus on your education and help you stay on track in your recovery.

Trust the Process.

School is meant to prepare you for life, so let it do just that. You can make the situation you are in at school difficult or make the situation beneficial. Life on life’s terms will continue to happen, and your reaction to the process is everything. Whether you are the student, the parent, or the teacher, you can get through this process and remain sober by being in acceptance about all the upcoming changes that are taking place.

The school year may look a little different this fall, but you can get through it and onto the next grade or to graduation if you remain open-minded. You fought everyone and everything in your addiction, and now you have a chance to go with the flow aligned in your recovery principles.

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