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What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Trauma underpins most major mental illnesses and substance use disorders. When life deals someone with a challenging card, they only have so many ways to cope. There are genetic and environmental factors that guide the decisions we make in the wake of trauma. Some turn to alcohol or drugs, some experience psychosis; others enter significant […]

Compassion: We Are All Recovering From Something

With all the turmoil that the world has had to endure this year, the one thing that seems to be lacking is having compassion for one another. Trying to find acceptance with someone who has different opinions and possibly conflicting values, can be difficult to generate. The truth is that everyone is someone’s daughter or […]

Why Am I So Judgmental Now that I Am Sober? 

As you sit in your recovery meetings, you may find yourself listening to others with a “what were they thinking” perception. Rather than lend support, you start to negatively evaluate them and their actions. As you judge them without knowing the full story, they are just trying to be vulnerable in what is considered a […]