Why Am I So Judgmental Now that I Am Sober? 

As you sit in your recovery meetings, you may find yourself listening to others with a “what were they thinking” perception. Rather than lend support, you start to negatively evaluate them and their actions. As you judge them without knowing the full story, they are just trying to be vulnerable in what is considered a safe place to share these things. While you may not intend to be judgmental, your face and your body language will most likely give you away if you do not float down from your pink cloud right away. Although human nature is to judge others, you can change your judgment into compassion

Remember where you came from

Most of us do not have a leg to stand on in judgment. We just may have not been down at our bottom for a while and have conveniently forgotten what it is like. Your past is one of the best recovery assets you can use to become more tenderhearted to give others hope that they can recover too. 

Remember your recovery

Take the very things that brought you into the program and share them with others. The most shameful and outrageous stories you can disclose with a newcomer or someone who is struggling to stay sober can remind them what is waiting for them if they decide to give up on their recovery. What will probably happen and what you can relay to them is that they will pick right where they left off. Remind them that sobriety is the best way to go if you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction. 

Remember recovery is about unity

“All for one and one for all” is what recovery is all about. Rather than judge them, join them in the fight to stay sober. People with addictions are already stereotyped as bad people when they are as good as anyone else. Look to be on the same side as others who are recovering just like you and you will feel much better in your quest of being nonjudgmental. 

Obviously, no one wants to be that person that passes judgment on others, but it happens. Recognizing you are convicting others for their past discretion’s will help you to grow in your character defects and be of service to others in the process.  

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