Why Building Momentum in Your Recovery is Beneficial 

Why Building Momentum in Your Recovery is Beneficial 

For sobriety to work, effort must take place to create momentum in recovery. Momentum is defined as “the quality of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity” which is relatable to recovery. The moving body is you, the mass is your program, and the velocity is your spirituality. Putting these three aspects together can prove to benefit your sobriety due to the intensity of the momentum you are building in recovery.

Momentum needs action to get the ball rolling. 

The mainstay of your recovery program is getting into action. Once you start using the suggestions of the program such as praying, meditating, working the steps, working with others, or being of service, you build a momentum that propels you deeper into your program. You start feeling better and want more of the gifts of sobriety that began with “one day at a time” actions.

Momentum moves past your fears and into your reality.

Fear is one of the main culprits of keeping someone from getting sober. The momentum you build in your recovery can allow you to get past your fears and move into the realm of reality. You can do almost anything that you put your mind to, especially when that mind is sober. Your recovery program can peel back the layers of fear, doubt, and uncertainty that convince you that you are not worthy of your sobriety. These are all lies because you are deserving of all good things in life. 

Momentum allows your spirituality to grow. 

Moving forward with your Higher Power in tow can make the foundation in your sobriety solid. Knowing that you will be taken care of no matter your circumstances can build a bigger momentum in your faith and having faith gives you a huge opportunity to exhibit growth. Instead of making the decision to stop going to meetings, not work with your sponsor, or worse, relapse and wipe out your momentum completely, keep doing the deal in your program. Momentum can launch your spirituality in a way that makes you feel better and give you principled aspirations.

Building momentum in your recovery launches you into the direction of long-term sobriety so that you can live the life you were always meant to. Daily recovery measures take some effort on your part but will build the sober momentum of a lifetime. 

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