9 Ways You’ll Become a Better Person Now that You are Sober

9 Ways You’ll Become a Better Person Now that You are Sober

Life is filled with those who aspire to become better people. When addiction strikes, however, the desire to be a better person gets replaced with the aim of getting high or drunk instead. Once you get sober though, you can get back on the path to continue to grow into a better person. With personal growth being all the rage these days, there are plenty of resources to help you achieve just that, especially in sobriety.

You show you care about others

Now that drugs and alcohol are out of the picture, you can really focus on the people who are in your life and show them you care. Family members, friends, coworkers, and recovery friends will all see the changes you are making and benefit from your recovery measures. 

You can support others

While you were in your addiction, you probably needed an abundance of help even if you thought you were functional. Now it is your turn to dole out your support for others. Part of your recovery is to reach out to others so this will be a good time to communicate through calling, texting, emailing, or FaceTiming the people who will be uplifted by your salutations. Instead of talking about yourself, you can show them you care by asking about them. 

You put time into self-care

In order to be able to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. This means eating healthy, sleeping, drinking water, exercising, relaxing, meditating, and participating in your recovery. All of these aspects of self-care will no less help you to become a better person. When you take care of yourself, you just feel better which will positively affect your attitude, your self-esteem, and your outlook on life which will ultimately be attractive to others. 

You are of service

One aspect of recovery is to be of service to others. Putting your hand out to newcomers, attending meetings, taking on commitments at meetings, and doing volunteer work will help solidify the foundation in your recovery. There is no limit on how much service you can do, but a little bit goes a long way. Helping others who are less fortunate just feels good and will give you a high that is actually better than getting drunk or loaded. 

You have purpose

The motivation that you have stems from your purpose of staying sober. Once you start living with the purpose of cessation, your purpose will open and become much bigger. Instead of being all about staying away from drugs and alcohol, your purpose will be more substantial in becoming an all-around better person. 

You suit up and show up

There were probably times that you were unable to make all your engagements due to being under the influence. Although you may not have intended to let others in your life down, addiction typically makes people unreliable. Turning over a new leaf in sobriety gives you an opportunity to make a living amends to suit and show up for life. Rather than let people down any longer, you can be larger than life and do work.

You become more responsible

Part of being in recovery promotes taking responsibility for your actions and for your stay in life. As you implement this daily outlook, you will feel more accountable for the important elements that make a huge difference. Being on time to work, showing consistency in your commitments, admitting mistakes, and becoming self-disciplined with doing what it is right will happen through applying recovery into your daily grind. 

You practice the principles

Parents usually instill the values into their kids as they grow up. Chances are you already know right from wrong which is typically thrown by the wayside during addiction. Once you get started in your recovery, you will be reintroduced to some stellar principles to practice which can mold you into a better person. Principles such as honesty, integrity, humility, and courage will become part of your life and give you a chance to become a more well-rounded person. 

You earn respect

Taking into consideration all of the amazing aspects you will learn in your recovery; you will also learn some self-respect to help you earn back any respect you may have previously lost. You will never be able to go back to where you once were, of course, but you can definitely make things better than they have ever been before in your relationships with others. By simply showing respect, you will earn some respect that will go a long way in your recovery efforts.

Becoming a better person takes a tactical and intentional approach in your recovery. While this may seem overwhelming at first, the more you keep doing it, the more it will just become second-nature. 

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