How Do I Grieve and Stay Sober Over the Holidays?

How Do I Grieve and Stay Sober Over the Holidays?

When the holidays come around, this time of the year can be difficult for those who have lost someone they loved. Everyone around you seems to be in the holiday spirit and you are focused on your bereavement. The thought may cross your mind that a drink or a drug would make you forget about the pain you are in. Hold up before you go and do something that would compromise your sobriety. There are some useful tools and valid reasons for you to keep trudging the road of happy destiny even during your time of grief during the holidays.  

Acknowledge that you are grieving. 

Once you are able to recognize that your grief is difficult, especially with the holidays looming, you can move forward with more clarity. The holidays bring an extra element to grieving because most people have specific memories tied to the holidays which can make this time more dismal than usual. Determining this will be an arduous holiday season hopefully will allow you to stay on point and grieve in a way that will not ruin the holidays ongoing but honor the departed for years to come. 

Acknowledge a new tradition. 

The holidays tend to be about traditions that are passed down. If there is a tradition that you uphold each year with your loved one that passed away, you may find it hard to repeat again this year. In this case, you may discover a new tradition that can keep your loved one’s memory alive. You could still keep all the old traditions to remember them and add a new one to help you process your grief. Ideas could be to add an ornament to your tree that represents them, continue to hang their stocking, or light a candle starting at the beginning of the season and let it burn in completion. Think about what will help you to get through your grief and keep your loved one in your heart for the holidays. 

Acknowledge your plan of bereavement.

Obviously, you cannot plan how you will handle your grief because emotions could run high. What you can do is make sure you are taking care of yourself with self-care, emotional support, and mental health backing. Make use of what is offered to you such as therapy, meetings, bereavement support groups, exercise, meditation, and anything you get your hands on to move through your grief in a healthy manner. 

Not all grief is created equal. Please remember this is your grief and you are not alone. Use the help and support that is at right at your fingertips so this holiday season can still be joyful. 

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