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8 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Your Recovery

Participating in your recovery can seem daunting. All the different ways suggested to show up can be overwhelming. Attending weekly recovery meetings and attending weekly therapy sessions can seem like time wasted to what you really want to do. Meeting with a sponsor and working the 12-Steps, while being of service to others along the […]

Why Does Everyone Keep Saying I Need Help Too?

Now that your loved one has started receiving treatment for their drug and/or alcohol addiction, you may be under the impression that you are free and clear. You may believe that all the problems have gone away since no more drinking or drug use is going on. The truth of the matter is that there […]

How to Become Constructive and not Destructive


Getting sober does not necessarily mean that changes happen automatically.c You must take the initiative to alter your behaviors in a more appropriate way for your recovery program. First, you must change your thinking so that your actions will follow. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you will also be doing negative things. Think back […]