How to Navigate Through Uncertainty with Sobriety


Life is full of twists and turns, which can create feelings of adversity when you are really looking for some triumph. More people have found themselves fearing the unknown with the state of the world and the uncertainty of a country divided by a global pandemic. Luckily, a recovery program was made to navigate these trying times. The actions to get sober also work well to get through uncertainty.

Get Connected

Going to 12-Step meetings extends fellowship to you that help you to get sober while connecting you to people you can call when you are having a weak moment. Having a support system around you can encourage you and ensure that you are not alone. Thanks to continual strides of technology, staying connected with friends and family is easier than ever with video chat. There is nothing like being in person with the essential people in your life. Still, when uncertain times happen, you can use technology to stay connected.

Get Educated

When getting sober, you can be enlightened by learning about addiction is and what the solution is to combat it. The same can go for uncertain times. Finding trustworthy sources to educate you can relieve some of the fear of the unknown. It is often said that “knowledge is the antidote to fear.” Acquiring information from media outlets that are not reliable will only give you bogus reporting and possibly personal opinions that are not based on facts. Be confident in what you are trying to accomplish in your sobriety. You might find false hope in the wrong place, which could ultimately make you relapse.

Get Spiritual

Faith works by trusting that everything will work out precisely how it is supposed to. Your Higher Power can give you strength and inspiration to intuitively know how to manage tough times. Using mindfulness, meditation, daily devotionals, exercise, prayer, and any other spiritual practices can give you peace to pass onto others. Practicing your spirituality for uncertain times will help you to better navigate them with dignity and grace.

Uncertain times will continue to happen because we will never be able to control the world around us. Try taking actions that will help you to feel more comfortable and give you the hope that you need to know that you will be fine when everything is said and done.

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