8 Opportunities You Will Find in Recovery

Addiction can limit people from being the best version of themselves. Opportunities tend to dry up when addiction is involved because of the way that drugs and alcohol will progressively affect someone. These substances can isolate, hinder, and handicap a person to keep them from serving the purpose they were meant to deliver during their time here on earth. When recovery becomes the direction that a person moves toward in life, there will be many fantastic opportunities that open up right before their very eyes.

Opportunity to Grow

Therapy and the 12-Steps are a vital part of any growth in recovery. Resentments, fears, and relationships are burdens that keep an individual from experiencing the prosperity they need to motivate them to keep going.

Learning the root causes of their anguish can be freeing and allow real growth to take place. Once growth starts, a person will not want to turn back because they are thrilled to see what is happening and want more.

Opportunity to Heal

Healing from the pain of the past will be a priority because no one gets sober to deal with the looming discomfort of addiction. Taking the opportunity to try and reverse the damage that was done will take effort. Tools such as journaling, mindfulness, or yoga can heal a person from the inside out, making them connected to their recovery.

The effort someone puts into their recovery to improve themselves will show in their emotional sobriety because they will be able to handle situations with more kindness and tolerance.

Opportunity in Health

Addiction wreaks havoc on a person’s mind, body, and soul. The great thing about getting sober is that the body can be rejuvenated through a healthy diet, regulating sleep patterns, drinking water, and physical activity. By making these necessary changes, the body will become fueled and improved to gain strength.

Opportunity in Clean-up

The wreckage of the past may be a doozy to work through. Cleaning up the past will help a person gain closure on all the things that are holding them back. There is no way someone can clear up all their wreckage with one swoop. Not only will it take time, but a person will have to exert themselves to do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

Humility, integrity, and a good attitude all around will be required to execute these actions. Working through this process will give someone the confidence they need to accomplish more endeavors in their life.

Opportunity for Work

When someone starts suiting up and showing up in their recovery, they will also become present for other things like employment. Whether they are looking for a job or have a job, applying recovery principles into their daily life will also bleed into their performance at work. Professionalism and customer service will be at the forefront of the mind, just like it is in recovery.

A person on the job can make the necessary adjustments to please their coworkers, boss, and customers on the spot. These changes could open up more job opportunities because of what recovery has instilled in them even while they are working.

Opportunity for Service

Service work is always available if someone is looking for their next opportunity. No matter where someone is or who they come across, there is always a place for service. Opening the door for someone, waving to a driver when let over on the road, paying it forward in a drive-thru, or merely smiling are ways that an individual can show their gratitude even outside of their recovery program. A service-oriented mind will keep on giving by putting more positivity into the universe for the sake of others.

Opportunity to Relate

Support goes a long way in recovery. Getting support from people that a person relates to in their recovery program will give them the ability to relate to others they may feel intimidated by on the outside. People in recovery love others until they can love themselves as a form of unity. Instead of continuing to feel less than, the ease and comfort a person feels around their recovery peers will allow them to start feeling comfortable around others.

Opportunity to Recover

Human beings are more resilient than they give themselves credit for. Anyone who decides that they will make the leap of faith to get sober has the ability to recover. Someone who takes this chance can flourish in the renewal that recovery offers when accepted.

No matter how low they have gone down, this opportunity is for anyone ready and willing to do better for themselves, regardless of the shame and guilt they may feel. The best way to break out of those chains is to admit the powerlessness of their drug and alcohol addiction and that they lack the ability to combat it on their own.

Recovery provides a life-changing, life-saving opportunity to live life to fullest because they are worth it. Opportunities are gifts of sobriety that are meant to show a person why they got sober in the first place. Recovery facilitates limitless opportunities intended to give motivation and inspiration to keep going in one’s program.

The best part about these opportunities is that anyone can receive them when they decide to give up drugs and alcohol to live in their recovery.

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