Self-Care Without Guilt

Self-Care Without Guilt

As you align in your recovery program, your spiritual principles are meant to mold you into a selfless version of yourself. You were taught to give to others, and during the process, you may give everything you got without leaving anything for yourself. Self-care is imperative for this reason and can make you stronger in your recovery. You could feel guilty because you remember the self-centeredness that you demonstrated during your active addiction.

Although you want to change from that old behavior, your new behaviors still must have you in mind. There is no way that you can give away something that you are not proactively giving to yourself. Recovery starts with giving yourself the gift of sobriety and continuing with self-care without feeling any self-imposed guilt.

Self-Care Is for Your Mental Health

Psychological well-being comes from making sure that you are feeling good on the inside. Therapy and working the 12-Steps are two of the best ways to keep your mental health on track. You can use traditional talk therapy or broaden your horizons with the holistic treatments offered, such as animal therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), or aromatherapy. Getting rid of all the mental negativity can make a huge difference in your psyche and make way for improvements with your mental health.

Self-Care Is for Your Physical Health

Taking care of your physical health can make a massive difference for your attitude and your self-awareness. Exercise is a huge part of contributing to your physical health. Utilizing doctors for check-ups and preventative measures can also help you make sure that you remain healthy.

Taking care of yourself is not all your physical appearance, although when you look good, you feel good. Physical health includes keeping your organs, muscles, etc. in good condition to prolong your lifespan.

Self-Care Is for Your Spiritual Health.

Connecting to a Higher Power will improve your overall essential nature. Meditation, prayer, journaling, writing inventories, or practicing yoga are ways to tend to spiritual health. By looking into your spiritual side, you can gain clarity and guidance to understand your purpose in recovery better.

You got sober to be free and feel alive. By implementing mental, physical, and spiritual self-care as healthful activities, you will abound in your recovery. You will be able to be of service to others while including yourself as worthy of self-care. There is nothing indulgent about adding self-care into your life to keep you sane and peaceful and make you as healthy as can be.

At Valiant Living, we are committed to working with clients, families, and other treatment providers to create a plan that goes far beyond just detox. Our goal is to create a bridge to move clients toward longer-term healing and wholeness on their unique recovery journey. Through evidence-based therapy options and the endless adventure of Colorado, Valiant Living fosters connection, encouraging clients to get connected to themselves, their peers, their families, and their higher power. We provide a safe, supportive haven in the earliest stages of recovery. Call us today, so you can get started at (303) 536-5463.