How Do You Know If You Have a Good Sponsor?

Sponsorship is a crucial element in staying sober. Having someone who knows what it is like to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, can guide you in their personal experience, and walk you through the 12-Steps is an integral part of learning how to stay sober. Beyond the necessary qualifications that you should look for in a sponsor, here are some other things to consider when working with a sponsor.

They Walk the Walk

Rather than just telling you what you should do, your sponsor should help show you what you need to do. Your sponsor should also have a sponsor who they call, be actively working the 12-Steps, going to meetings, practicing the spiritual principles in their affairs, and being of service to others as much as possible. Sponsorship is about being an attractive example for others to follow as they walk their journey in recovery.

They Are Your Equal

Although your sponsor may have more sobriety time, you both came into the program the same way. While they may have more knowledge of what to do, remember that the information that they are giving you was passed onto them from someone else.

Anyone that behaves as if they are better than you or wants to order you around is not someone you will want to follow. Your sponsor should strive to be tolerant, patient, loving, and kind to help you along in your recovery.

They Exude Honesty and Trust

The mainstay of sobriety is being honest, which you should find in a sponsor. You are who you surround yourself with, so choose someone whose deportment is one of integrity. Trust is an essential part of a relationship, and sponsorship is no different. Ensure you are working with someone who will keep your anonymity of utter importance so you can feel safe and supported.

They Are Happy, Joyous, and Free

You cannot demonstrate something that you do not have, and that also goes for sponsorship. You want your sponsor to be serious about recovery and also have fun in the process. Getting sober means not taking yourself too seriously or being too hard on yourself so that you can enjoy life along the way.

The kind of sponsor that is real is someone who makes their sobriety a priority while still being available to laugh or cry as you encounter through life together. Having a lifeline for your recovery is crucial for long-term results. You have already tried to sponsor yourself in your addiction, which did not work.

Knowing that you are not alone and using your sponsor’s experience to walk alongside you through life will make everything seem more straightforward. Use the resources that a sponsor has to offer and you can better achieve your hopes and dreams in sobriety.

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