Why You Are Only Responsible For the Effort Not the Outcome


Look back and see how often you got what you wanted when you were running the show. You may have tried to control everything to no avail. Even when you were trying to score drugs and alcohol, many pieces needed to fall into place before you succeeded in seeking oblivion. Still, there were times, even on good days, when your addiction made things go awry because you could not control the situation.

Once you get sober, more than likely, your control issues may keep you from getting the results you desire. Trying to control everyone and everybody is not something you can just turn on or off. Ironically, you can only be responsible for the effort you put into your sobriety. You are not powerful enough to control the outcome of each day.

Life Happens

No matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you push. Life will get in the way of what you want. Your job, your family, other drivers on the road, and everything you come into contact with can offset the control of whatever situations you are trying to manage. Some things will go off without a hitch, but most of your plans will be highjacked by circumstances beyond your control.

Change Happens

As you go about building recovery measures into your life, change is inevitable. The more you start living in the spiritual principles of recovery and working the 12-Steps, the more relaxed you will become more in the flow of life. You will begin to take everything that comes your way with a grain of salt instead of trying to arrange everything to suit your own needs. Changes will occur that will make you take a step back and realize that things happen much better when you relinquish control.

Taking your recovery one day at a time is the most optimum route you can set forth to accept you are not in control. A 24-hour period is a manageable position for you to seize when battling drug and alcohol addiction. Staying in the day helps you be responsible for the daily efforts you put into your sobriety so that the outcome will be one more day of continuous sobriety.

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