Why Your Feelings May Be Your Biggest Problem Today

Why Your Feelings May Be Your Biggest Problem Today

One of the commonalities in recovery is that everyone seems to have issues with their feelings. Some suppress them with drugs and alcohol. Others are over-emotional about things that seem unreasonable and drink or use to stop the feelings. While another may have no idea how to express them at all except by getting drunk or high to let them out. Alcohol and drugs may be used to make better use of your feelings, but the truth is that if you do not deal with your feelings in a productive way, you will suffer in the long run. 

Feel your feelings 

One of the best ways to feel better is to stop suppressing your feelings and let them go for good. You are probably exhausted from holding in all the negative emotions that dictate how your attitude and energy flows. The negativity that stays in can actually affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually by manifesting through pain, anguish, lowered self-esteem, and the extension of your drug and alcohol addiction.  

Feelings are not facts 

Although you get feelings all the time, you cannot rely on them to tell you the truth. Feelings are fleeting and unreliable to get to the core problem. You may think that you feeling a certain way about something that seems small when in reality there is a deeper issue that needs to be uncovered. 

Feelings change with time

The recovery slogan “this too shall pass” is important to grasp onto. Nothing ever remains the same and you can either hold onto the pain longterm or release your adverse feelings as they come. Using tools like meditation, journaling, or going to recovery meetings can help you to handle your feelings in a way that is more productive. 

Feeling the pain is the solution

No one wants to experience pain, however, walking through the discomfort of it is key. Strength comes from navigating through uncharted territory and learning something in the process. You show great tenacity when you think you cannot feel anything else and still keep going to break the barriers in your addiction. While this may not be easy to achieve, you will be emotionally rewarded for your perseverance. 

Take your feelings one day at a time like everything else and learn from them. Chances are they can be a great indicator of how you can get through emotional responses to your past, present, and future circumstances ongoing. Your feelings can be the gauge to assist your personal growth in recovery. 

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