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Why Should I Worry About the Wreckage of the Future?

Now that you are putting some days together in your recovery, you can still cause some future wreckage. If you keep doing all the same things that you were doing while you were active in your addiction, there is a good chance that you could sabotage your recovery. There is a concept in recovery that […]

Eminem: Celebrating 12 Years of Continuous Sobriety

One thing is for certain, the rapper Eminem is not afraid to share his recovery to the world. Twelve consecutive years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol gives him the ability to stand up and be proud of his accomplishment. After nearly dying from an overdose and deciding that drugs were no longer an option, […]

Is Acceptance the Answer to All My Problems?

In recovery, you will hear many topic meetings discuss acceptance as the answer to all your problems. When you hear this, you may believe that statement to be completely misguided. How in the world are you supposed to take the brunt of everything that has happened to you when people have hurt you along the […]