Is Acceptance the Answer to All My Problems?

In recovery, you will hear many topic meetings discuss acceptance as the answer to all your problems. When you hear this, you may believe that statement to be completely misguided. How in the world are you supposed to take the brunt of everything that has happened to you when people have hurt you along the way? Why are you going to accept the blame when you were the victim of someone else’s irresponsibility? 

Your part

One of the most important concepts to face once you get sober is that had you not picked up a drink or a drug in the first place, what happened in the duration of the addiction probably would not have happened. Even if you have not lost anything of importance, never been to jail, or visited a hospital, drug and alcohol addiction will tear through your life quicker than you can control it. Self-esteem is lost, relationships suffer, and you will find yourself doing things that you could not imagine doing sober to keep from getting withdrawals. Had you not started the ball rolling in addiction, you would never be in this position, but had you not had an addiction, you would be in the position to better your life in recovery. 

Your answer

Acceptance means that you are ready to look at yourself instead of going on blaming others for your unhappiness and addiction. You are the only one who can be responsible for picking up the drugs and alcohol, and you are also the only one who can implement the changes that are necessary for recovery to take place. Rather than get upset with others about everything they are doing to you, take a look at what you are doing to others, and yourself, first and foremost. If you are treating yourself poorly through your drug and alcohol use, you are showing others how to treat you as well. As you stay feisty and unreasonable, your attitude gives way to intolerance and continuing to fight everybody and everything, when all you need to do is to accept things exactly how they are supposed to be in this very moment.

When you can meet life with acceptance, everything will better fall into line the way it is meant to. Recovery is meant to only be 10 percent about the problem so that the other 90 percent can be about the solution. Acceptance is the answer to all your problems and when you admit that, you can evolve into the person who you were meant to be in your recovery. 

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