Why Should I Worry About the Wreckage of the Future?

Now that you are putting some days together in your recovery, you can still cause some future wreckage. If you keep doing all the same things that you were doing while you were active in your addiction, there is a good chance that you could sabotage your recovery. There is a concept in recovery that states the only thing you must change is everything

As you take in this suggestion, you may find this to be a tall order, but just like with everything else, you only have to take it one day at a time. You may not even realize that the people, places, and activities you are delving into could have an adverse effect on your recovery. Examining all areas of your life is a resourceful way to prevent the wreckage of the future that could take you out of your recovery. 

Be Honest

Secrets keep you sick and cause you to continue doing deceptive behaviors without realizing what you are doing. Getting rigorously honest with a therapist or a sponsor can be the best thing you can do for yourself. Running everything from your day-to-day activities to your deepest, darkest secrets with complete transparency past a sponsor will give you clarity about what needs to be healed and what needs to be changed. Find someone you trust and you will be amazed by the freedom you will gain from opening up about your unfathomable experiences. 

Be Present 

If you focus on your recovery right here, right now, you can make better decisions with your lifestyle ongoing. Choosing to surround yourself with virtuous people, hanging out in quality places, and working through the pain of the past can boost your integrity more than anything. Being present will give you the best chance to make ethical choices that will lead you in a better direction in your recovery. Walking the walk in your recovery will impede your ability for more wreckage and build a foundation for your spiritual growth. 

You may not be in control of your destiny, but you can control your forthrightness and what you do for today. Mistakes will always happen, but they no longer have to be so destructive in affecting your future, especially when you minimize your harmful behaviors. Make the most of your recovery to make today count on being the best you can be. 


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