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Two Faces of Denial

faces of denial

Denial is something that can not just stifle the development of new sober practices but also compromise one’s sense of self-worth, leading one to unnecessarily belittle themselves — even in the face of progress. Addressing denial in recovery is a topic that will come up throughout one’s journey, but it won’t always present itself in […]

Why Acknowledgment Will Serve You Better Than Your Denial

One of the key characteristics of addiction is denial. Whether you refute that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, or think you are above getting help to stop, your addiction will trick you into thinking you are invincible under the influence. Once you start withdrawing, you may have a fleeting thought to get […]

Is My Drug or Alcohol Use a Vice or an Addiction?

Is My Drug or Alcohol Use a Vice or an Addiction?

Denial is often a part of addiction. Instead of wanting to get sober and receiving freedom from drugs and alcohol, you may find yourself labeling your drinking and using simply a vice. Even though you experience withdrawals when you do not drink or use; your life is out of control as a direct result of […]