Why Acknowledgment Will Serve You Better Than Your Denial

One of the key characteristics of addiction is denial. Whether you refute that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, or think you are above getting help to stop, your addiction will trick you into thinking you are invincible under the influence. Once you start withdrawing, you may have a fleeting thought to get sober, which typically gets overridden once drugs and alcohol are back in the bloodstream.

The first crucial decision you must make is that you are powerless over these substances, and your life has become unmanageable. Without making this admission, you will continue to dismiss any suggestion that you are battling an addiction or need help to stop. Denial is not going to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction, but acknowledgment will.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

Deciding that you are ready to embark on looking at yourself with complete honesty will give you the freedom that maybe you did not even know you needed. Denial is tricky and can make you think something other than the reality of your situation. Getting real in therapy and with the 12-Steps will make you more authentic in your recovery.

The Battle Becomes the Surrender.

No one really wants to get sober. Most people are pushed to get to sober and just need to find the means to surrender. Stop fighting and start acknowledging that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. You can begin a brand new life based on you giving a resignation to your addiction and accepting your recovery for the gift it is.

Acknowledging what you have done and what you are attempting will be the best decision that you have made in a while. To open the door to recovery will be healthier than living in the denial of what you think you know. Recovery is all about living a new life, so you can make a choice to stop lying to yourself, and start straightening up in your sobriety.

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