Will I Ever Repair the Damage of My Past?

Shame and guilt are some of the worst feelings. In fact, you may have continued to drink alcohol and use drugs to avoid having to deal with these types of feelings altogether. Numbing out is what your addiction pulls you to do instead of trying to repair the damage of the past. The longer you stayed out there, the more damage you did. You may be feeling overwhelmed as to how you will clean up the wreckage of your past, but rest assured you can, and you will with a few simple guidelines.

Get Willing

Before anything can be mended, you will need to conjure up the willingness to do so. Willingness comes from humbleness to take a look at what mistakes you made to right them and then learn from them, to prevent yourself from continuously repeating the past.

Get Spiritual

Recovery principles are based on spiritual guidelines that can help you understand the error of your ways. Making amends, changing your behavior, and getting a spiritual outlook on life will help you in your recovery measures. The spiritual life is not just a theory. Your spiritual life must be put into effect to see the difference being made in your recovery.

Get Busy

For anything to be mended, action needs to happen. If you are sitting around waiting for something to happen, chances are nothing will ever change. Staying sober, working the 12-Steps, asking for guidance from a therapist, and making a plan of action to straighten out the past, will help you on your endeavor to repair the damage you caused during your addiction.

While cleaning up the past may seem like a tedious job to carry out, you will find this process to be rather rewarding. Taking charge to right your wrongs will build up your confidence and self-worth, which are both necessary to stay sober. Recovery is a wonderful guiding force that can help you repair the past damage and give you an opportunity to live in peace.

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