Can I Stay Sober at a Wedding?

Sober at Wedding

As June kicks off the summer months, we find ourselves in the “wedding season”. Couples love to say their nuptials in front of friends and family when the weather is beautiful, and they can celebrate with cake and a champagne toast. Many couples cannot imagine getting married without including alcohol to take away the jitters and their cold feet. For these reasons, not drinking at a wedding may seem impossible for someone trying to stay sober. The good news is that you can still attend these events and remain sober. Before the wedding, you just need to conduct a dress rehearsal to help you maintain your sobriety.

Have an Exit Plan Ready.

Once you get to the reception, you may start to feel uncomfortable being around alcohol and people drinking in front of you. No one will fault if you need to leave early to save your sobriety, especially if keeping you from a drink could save the bride and groom’s special day. Go outside and call your sponsor, or a recovery friend, to see if you should leave. Either they will give you the right perspective to stay, or they will advise you to exit the wedding before you take that first drink.

Attend a Meeting First.

For you to be in the right state of mind, go to a meeting before you get to the wedding. A meeting will not only remind you of the consequences of relapse, but you can also find some gratitude in the way you are living in recovery. Listening to others sharing how they were able to stay sober in situations that seemed impossible can really help you grasp the tools of the program in a time of need. When you are in fear, being around people with a solution can give you the confidence to do the right thing even at the most unexpected times.

Weddings can be sentimental and fun without ever taking one sip of alcohol. Dance the night away and laugh with the other guests. Even when it comes time for the champagne toast, you can tell them that you do not drink without a single explanation. All you need to do is make sure your recovery is on point so that you can stay sober one day at a time to wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

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