Tips to Build Your Recovery Tool Kit

Tool Kit

As you make your way through your recovery with a one-day-at-a-time mantra, what you do today can help you to project for tomorrow. Seeds are planted in hopes of future growth, just like recovery tools are instilled for everyday recovery use. In the same sense, tools build the foundation of your sobriety as the seeds of growth in your recovery. One essential skill in creating a tool kit is discerning where to start and what to put inside. Here are a few tips to guide you in building your tool kit for relapse prevention and finding freedom in recovery.

Identify What Your Tool Kit Is For.

First, you have to understand the reason you are building your tool kit. Drinking and using drugs were the tools you used to cope in life during your various circumstances. Now that you wish to remain sober, you have to replace those unhealthy coping mechanisms with much healthier ones. If you are trying to keep your sobriety date intact, you will search for tools that will keep you sober.

Discover What Tools You Need to Assist You.

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all method. If this were the case, then everyone would get and stay sober with no problem. Addiction is complicated and has to be treated in a way that you can be receptive to the effort being put in. You need to be mindful of the order the tools need to be implemented to assist your long-term recovery better. Isolating specific tools for certain situations is crucial to help you get to the other side of a difficult time without drinking or using drugs. Calling someone, meditation, attending a meeting, being of service, and working the 12-Steps are the foundational skills you need. These skills evolve into other tools that can enhance your sobriety more than you may even realize.

Build It and Your Sobriety Will Come.

As with anything, you have to work towards recovery. You have to be willing to go to any lengths for your sobriety. Your tool kit can guide you throughout your sobriety and transform your life for the better. Tools not only enhance your sobriety but also fix things that have become broken along the way. You came into sobriety a broken individual and recovery tools can morph you into a completely different person.

Building a tool kit is a necessity that will give you the hope you need in recovery. Changing into the person you were meant to be is a beautiful thing and should not be missed. Use your tools, and your recovery will be better for it.

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