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Gender Differences in Addiction

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Substance use disorder does not discriminate. It can happen to a person of any age, socioeconomic bracket, race, or gender. However, trends in addiction are vastly different between men and women. Significant measurable factors such as the rate of usage, likelihood of developing an addiction, and consequences of substance abuse are all impacted by gender.  […]

Synergism Between Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Synergism is the term for when two drugs are taken together and produce a multiplying effect. This concept is widely associated with mixing alcohol and another substance. The synergistic interaction between alcohol and other drugs contributes to the lethal potential of drug-taking behavior. What Is Synergism? Synergism is similar to potentiation. This means that if […]

The Cause of Counter-Dependency

The topic of codependency comes up regularly within many discussions revolving around addiction. Many people battling addiction are often codependent on others because they cannot financially support their habit from drugs and alcohol on their own. Loved ones will also become codependent on the person with active addiction when they start putting their needs after […]