Summer Vacation After the Pandemic

Man singing and enjoying karaoke

The first day of summer is Sunday, June 20th. As more and more Americans get vaccinated, travel restrictions are being lifted. This presents the perfect opportunity to travel after so many months of social distancing. Not only is taking a break from work crucial for avoiding burnout, but also for incorporating adventure and new experiences. Doing so will bring you back to work refreshed and potentially ready to reignite your creativity.

Get Festive

Summer presents itself with many opportunities. Outdoor festivals take place. Creativity is sprawling. Whether it’s your neighborhood’s farmer’s market, a music festival, or an art fair, active participation in the open air while taking in the abundance of fresh ideas is the perfect way to spend your summer. In Colorado, specifically, you can re-experience your childhood fun at the state or county fair. Denver hosts a variety of festivals, live music events, and outdoor markets. Permit yourself to get festive—there are only so many chances you get to celebrate.

Spend Time in Water

It can also be easier to spend time in nature. This is a great time to visit a beach or a lake. You can amaze yourself by trying out a variety of new water sports like water skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, and more. Balance is key in all of these activities, which holds a larger, more symbolic meaning. You need balance in your life, and you can work on your balancing skills during your summer vacation. In Colorado, there are a variety of lakes you can try out. They include Grand Lake, Navajo Reservoir, Blue Mesa Reservoir, John Martin Reservoir, and Lake Granby, just to name a few.

Crack Open a Book

Summer reading doesn’t have to be solely relegated to the summer reading list in K-12 education. Try your hand at reading a new book this summer. You could explore imaginary worlds through fiction or get practical with a self-help read. It can provide a needed escape from the world (and the TV) for a few hours.

To make the most of your summer vacation, we recommend getting festive, spending time in the water, and cracking open a book. You need a break from all that has transpired over the past year, and you need to enjoy yourself. After the pandemic, you probably need some downtime or vacation now more than ever. At Valiant Living, we understand the importance of our clients having balance in their lives. Our men’s only treatment facility in Colorado treats addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses. If you are interested in our services, reach out today at(303) 952-5035.