How to Have a Super Sober Bowl

The first weekend in February typically houses all the Super Bowl festivities. Super Bowl Sunday is a day synonymous with parties and not just regular old parties either. Parties that happen around the Super Bowl are often boozed fueled, drunken, blackout, pass out parties. Kegs and shots are flowing, and it may seem like the only thing on the attendees’ minds is getting drunk and high. 

If you are leery about all things Super Bowl this year because you are recovering from drugs and alcohol, you should know that you can be a part of a Super-Sober-Bowl and still have fun. You may be wondering how this is even possible since cannot remember the last sober Super Bowl you watched without drinking and using. Now is the time to change your playbook to make you an MVP in your recovery – even during the Super Bowl.

Focus on the concession stand

Host a sober viewing party and bring back the true meaning of the Super Bowl – the food! Yes, football is extremely important, but the food can make all the difference in the world. Whether you make the most atomically hot wings or have everyone bring their favorite chips and dips, people love to pig out to watch pigskins fly all over the football field. 

Focus on the commercials

When you are drunk or high, the likelihood that you are paying attention to the comical and sentimental commercials that made especially for the Super Bowl is nil. Staying sober means that you can appreciate the intentions of the commercials and genuinely laugh, or cry, to be present in your feelings and for those around you. 

Focus on the half-time show

You probably already enjoy musical performances because good music is an enhancement to a good buzz. Retaining what actually happened during the show could be the problem. Without drugs and alcohol in your system, you can totally watch and remember who you watched without everything being fuzzy. 

Focus on the football

Even if you do not watch football, the Super Bowl is such a high honor that the excitement of getting the big trophy and the rings give the game more precedence. Since the Super Bowl is usually a nail biter, especially in the first half, you might find yourself truly watching the game and liking it. Who knows? You may find yourself using some football lingo going forward.

Getting sober means learning to approach activities where you would normally get loaded without drinking and drugging, and the Super Bowl is no different. If this your first sober Super Bowl, you can do this which will lead to momentum into other sober activities. 

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