How Do I Get Over the Family Drama that Happened During the Holidays?

The holidays would not be the holidays without some families generating drama over something that happened when the family got together. Even though you are bound by blood or by marriage, this does not mean that the family’s usual cohesiveness will stay intact forever. There could be a time where tempers flare or disrespectful behavior could ensue. You may have no idea how to handle the confrontation especially now that you are trying to live by recovery principles. If this happens to you, no need to worry because there are tools specifically to get you through this difficult time with your family.

Stay on your side of the street

Pointing a finger at another only point more fingers back at you. The best thing you can do at family functions is to worry about what you are doing instead of trying to micromanage what you believe others should be thinking, doing, or saying. Going forward you can take the distress of the last holiday and learn what behavior to display ongoing to stay in your own lane.

Keep your side of the street clean

Now that you are living a life of recovery, you are probably becoming familiar with living a principled life and being of service. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to forget to do the right thing. Practice daily to live with boundaries, integrity, and humility to help you with difficult personalities. Knowing that you may have to make amends later could also be a good motivator to stop yourself before the situation gets intense. Being kind and loving is much better than trying to get your point across for the sake of being right.  

Once arguments or disagreements occur, it is really easy to get closed off from wanting to be around anyone else. Whether this was your fault or not, being open-minded and forgiving can make all the difference in the world. Depending on the circumstances, of course, try moving forward with harmony and good faith. Obviously, you do not want to put yourself in the line of fire to be berated or insulted, but if you could be the peacemaker instead of being deemed intolerable, you could make all the difference. You can set the tone in the right direction by doing the right thing. 

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