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How Do I Connect to Others When I Physically Can’t?

human connection

Human touch is something that most humans crave in some capacity. You may not be the most touchy-feeling person, but a physical connection is typically an important aspect of life. Certain instances, like addiction, can keep you from being able to connect to humans in the way you should. Most recently, the global pandemic probably […]

Isolation Only Makes You Think of You

Coming out of the holidays is a huge proponent of wanting to isolate. With all of the overwhelming circumstances surrounding sobriety, family, presents, holiday gatherings, and loss that you pushed through with self-will and adrenaline, you may find yourself wanting to escape altogether from everything.  The problem that isolation creates is self-imprisonment because all you […]

Why Connection is the Best Currency in Recovery

Why Connection is the Best Currency in Recovery

Alcoholism and drug addiction can place someone in a very lonely place. Too often people who suffer from substance abuse distance themselves from loved ones and isolate. To them being alone seems better than being found out about how deep their addiction really is or having someone tell them to stop what they are doing. […]