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The Value of Healing Through Volunteering


While the notion that taking time to help others may seem to detract from the personalized nature of addiction recovery, there is a great amount to be gained through volunteering and community service, and altruism can indeed reap personal, powerful rewards. Volunteering is an act of service that can help an individual reshape their dynamics […]

Isolation Only Makes You Think of You

Coming out of the holidays is a huge proponent of wanting to isolate. With all of the overwhelming circumstances surrounding sobriety, family, presents, holiday gatherings, and loss that you pushed through with self-will and adrenaline, you may find yourself wanting to escape altogether from everything.  The problem that isolation creates is self-imprisonment because all you […]

Ways to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Ways to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Taking time to be thankful this year in November when Thanksgiving comes around, is the best way to celebrate the holiday. Now that you are sober, you really have so many reasons to be grateful this year. Taking the time to recognize how blessed you are may not be easy for you to achieve. Learning […]