Ways to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Ways to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Taking time to be thankful this year in November when Thanksgiving comes around, is the best way to celebrate the holiday. Now that you are sober, you really have so many reasons to be grateful this year. Taking the time to recognize how blessed you are may not be easy for you to achieve. Learning how to live a life in gratitude may be foreign to you after you have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for the time you did. Being thankful, not just for Thanksgiving but for every day, is imperative to live the fortunate and sober life you were meant to have.


Pen to paper is a great way to live in your gratitude. Writing out what blesses your life on paper actually makes the things you are grateful for a reality. Make a list every day if possible and try not to always write the same items. When you start seeing the bigger picture of what you are grateful for, you will most likely stop taking for granted the smaller aspects that make your life better each day.


Seeing others who are less fortunate than you can make clear that where you are in your life is where you are supposed to be. The material items that you long for do not make up the character that you will receive from just being kind to others. Being of service whether in a recovery meeting, in a senior community, or in a homeless shelter, all help you to be grateful for what you have instead of worrying about what you do not have.  


Telling others “thank you” or acknowledging their altruism is not only for their benefit but will benefit you as well. Having an attitude of gratitude will make you feel unbelievably joyous for the people in your life that have helped you on your path of sobriety that you whole-heartedly deserve. 


Getting still in your thoughts to refresh your inner being is important for personal awareness. Taking some time to yourself to appreciate the air you are breathing, the silence you are seeking, and the Higher Power that continues to absolve you will give you more clarity with your purpose in life. 

Using the tools that you have been given to connect to your gratefulness is rewarding in your journey of recovery. Taking time to invest in yourself which directly contributes to others being grateful will result in the thankfulness that makes the world go around.  

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