I’m Getting Bored in My Recovery Program. What Do I Do?

There may come a time in your recovery program where you feel like you have done it all, seen it all, and met everybody you need to continue to stay sober. Instead of being motivated to go to a meeting, you may dread having to hear the same share from the same person again today or acknowledge that there is more out there for you to experience outside of the recovery world. When you find yourself seemingly getting bored, there are some steps you can take to get back into the groove of your program.

Find other meetings to go to.

Having regular meetings and a home group is suggested although there may be times that you need a fresh perspective to get you back to basics in your program. Sometimes change is great to encounter to see that your normal meeting is where you need to be or give you the ability to spread your wings into a new area for a different insight. 

Find other people to get to know.

No matter how awkward you feel around new people, you can never have too many recovery peeps surrounding you. The more people you have in your contacts, the more people you have to call when you are in need. Getting to know people lend more diversity and more support to give you more insurance in your sobriety

Find people to sponsor.

You may think that you are not ready to sponsor yet although anytime you can help someone in their recovery is an opportunity to help yourself in the process. Taking someone through the 12-Steps after you have already been through them yourself means another way of looking tat the 12-Steps from a different perspective. Plus, if you are going to make suggestions for actions, you need to be doing them as well. Accountability goes both ways and you will definitely benefit from sponsorship.

Find a new book to read.

Recovery literature should be an important part of your program. Staying enlighted is crucial to long term sobriety. You are not limited to the books in your 12-Step program because there are tons of books that can help you to relate to others who also suffer from addiction. Going to the library and checking out biographies in the realm of addiction can give you some riveting reading in what it was like to keep the memory of your last drink or drug fresh in your mind. There are more blogs about sobriety that can keep you coming back in your recovery, The point is to continue learning about addiction so you never have to go back to that place again.  

Find hobbies you may want to try out. 

Getting sober does not mean that you were only meant to be in a recovery setting. Amplifying your recovery is essential and you can certainly do this by finding a new hobby to evaluate. Exploring activities that you did not even know you liked because you have been drunk and sober is exciting and will keep you engaged in the present moment. Recovery is your first priority, of course, while having fun doing it.

Find a physical activity that you enjoy.

Exercise is great way to enhance your recovery. Rather than getting high or drunk, you can get a natural high from endorphins. Adding in healthy activities such as walking, dancing, yoga, or weight training can be beneficial physically, mentally, and spiritually to make you feel better overall. Getting outside in nature or going to the gym can give you a refreshing change in scenery and help you to get out of yourself. 

Find somewhere to volunteer.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to be of service to someone else is can stop the monotony of each day. Service work is one of the greatest tools to release you from your boredom because how can you be uninterested in making someone’s day better? Whether you go to a soup kitchen to prepare food for the homeless or hand out water at a local 5K race, impacting someone’s day will make you feel better about yourself.  

Your ability to stay sober is not limited to only staying in meetings and being in constant recovery after you get your bearings in sobriety. Recovery has to be in everything you do because without it you may find yourself rationalizing to use and drink again. Getting a solid foundation does not mean you must stay in one place, but to branch out in areas that can enhance your recovery and continue to make you useful to others. 

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