Reasons People Who Get Sober Together Form a Tight Bond

Friends who are addicted to drugs and alcohol will drink and use them together.  Even though they may not really like each other or trust one another, they will become thick as thieves because they are all after one thing – to get loaded and drunk without having any consequences. 

That goal, which is nearly impossible, flips to the opposite once you get into a recovery group with others who also want to achieve sobriety one day at a time. Recovering from drugs and alcohol is an elite group of individuals who not only want the best for themselves, but they want it for others who also have the willingness to recover. Getting sober and staying sober is based on bonding over a common peril with others which moved them towards recovery in the first place. 

They know how you got here. 

Sharing your story gives others the chance to understand they are not alone. Often people who have the glow of sobriety do not look like they have ever been to jail, had a psychotic break, or have health issues relating to their addiction. Allowing yourself to qualify is important so that you give someone else hopes they can also have a shot at sobriety.

They know how you feel. 

One addicted person talking to another person who is also addicted allows for compassionate camaraderie to build. Only people who have been strung out or gone to any lengths to gain their alcohol, for instance, can totally understand the incomprehensible demoralization you have felt.

They know how difficult getting sober was. 

Not many people can say that getting sober was on their bucket list because maintaining the addiction was hard enough. Sobriety is not for the faint of heart because of the continual action that is necessary to reap the benefits. Being a part of a recovery program gives you the support you need to know how beneficial a sober life can be.

Being around complete strangers and talking about your deepest and darkest secrets is daunting, to say the least. You will find over time that the bond you form in your recovery is the one that will keep you coming back. 

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