Tips on Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is woven into the fabric of life. We are never quite sure of the consequences of our actions or the effects that any major event may have in our lives. This year brought immense uncertainty to our lives. With 2020 behind us, it is time to focus on the present moment. Here are techniques that may help.

Mindfully Center Yourself

  • Deep Breathing: Close your eyes. Do a deep inhale and exhale. Try the technique of triangle breathing. Trace a triangle with your pointer finger; transition between inhaling and exhaling at each vertex of the triangle. Notice how the tension leaves your body on the exhales.
  • Listen to music: Make a playlist of some of your favorite songs that best ease the tension in your body. Write down some of your favorite lyrics on scratch paper. Take that scratch paper with you to pull out when you are feeling down as a reminder to embrace the moment
  • Experience nature: Try exploring the outdoor environment. Take a walk in your neighborhood or go to a park district. Surrounding yourself with greenery can have an immensely calming effect.

Consider the Theory of Relativity

Time is relative. What is important to you in the moment may seem meaningless years from now. Remember that your current predicament is relative.

Immerse Yourself in an Activity

Take your mind off the “what if’s” and “could be’s” by participating in some sort of activity. Whether it is an outdoor activity or a project around the house, get your hands dirty to remind yourself of what you do know.

The greatest sense of stability comes once we are able to accept the aspects of life that we cannot change. From that level of acceptance, we can heal. A lot of coping with uncertainty involves distress tolerance techniques like the ones mentioned above. 

Living with uncertainty is a daunting task. To accept what you cannot change, try mindfully centering yourself, a perspective shift, or immersing yourself in an activity. Another way to navigate uncertain times is to take the steps necessary to heal. At Valiant Living, we understand how to treat people suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. At our men-only facility located in the Denver area, we can help you embrace what uncertainty has to offer while establishing stability in your life. Call us today to find out how we can help at (303) 952-5035.