How to Collaborate with Your Medication Prescriber

Do you find it hard to be honest with your medication prescriber? Are you sometimes missing doses either unintentionally or intentionally? Do you wish you had better communication about your health with your healthcare providers?

To break down the barriers that often exist between patient and provider, we suggest you take the initiative early on to establish healthy relationship dynamics. This means you have to open up, establish all venues for dialogue, and advocate for yourself. 

Open Up About Your Past Experiences with Medication Prescribers

If you are bringing a painful experience with a previous provider into the session, then you should communicate that early on. Perhaps you felt invalidated in the past. It is important to explain your apprehension to the new prescriber so they understand your experience. Once they are aware, they can decide how to best proceed.  

Establish Appropriate Means of Communication

During the first visit, it is important that you know your options in terms of how to contact your provider.  Ask your provider what they prefer, whether it is text, email, or phone. Take the time to figure out how much each of these services would cost. By identifying what options are available to you and their respective fees, you can decide the communication you will have with your provider outside of the session.

Advocate for Yourself in Sessions

Make sure you bring up your concerns and acknowledge their validity. If you are feeling judged, let your provider know that. Did you stop taking your medication because you noticed side effects? Do you have questions about your diagnosis? These are all questions that require open communication and vulnerability. Ultimately, if you do not feel a connection with your medication provider despite several trials and error processes, you may need to look for another prescriber.

Medications can make all the difference in recovering from addiction or in treating a co-occuring mental illness. Make sure that you have a positive connection with your prescriber, that you trust them, and that you have set up a framework for how to communicate effectively with one another.

There are some tactics for how to best communicate with your medication prescriber. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, establish the best methods for communication, and advocate for yourself in the relationship. We want you to have a trusting and lasting relationship with your prescriber. At Valiant Living, we understand how to treat people suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. At our men-only facility located in the Denver area, we can help you form a healthy relationship with your prescriber. Call us today to find out how we can help at (303) 952-5035.