Letting Go of the Male Insensitivity Myth

Men cry. That may come as a shock to you, but it is part of our life experience. We cry when we experience loss, when we feel unreciprocated affection, when we fear the future, and when we dwell in the past. It is a myth that manhood does not allow sensitivity — it’s important to acknowledge male emotions as well as female.

We need to let go of this notion that manhood is about being a tough guy. Genuine manhood means having the courage to be vulnerable. At our core, we are sensitive souls longing for connection. We are weak at times and need help, just like anyone else. It’s okay to seek support.

Open Up 

Seeking mental health care as a man is nothing to be ashamed of doing. That decision embodies a certain kind of resilience. It helps bring you out of the thoughts swirling around in your uncared for mind and into a place of grounding to focus on the present. Showing your sensitive side will only serve to better explain the underpinnings of your emotions. It’s okay to open up.

Validate Yourself

Your feelings are valid. Each emotion has its origin in some event or relationship. Give yourself permission to feel. Even if it is a more taboo emotion like jealousy, you need the space to vent and air any grievances. By providing yourself with that opportunity, you can feel more comfortable with yourself. 

To be sensitive is to understand the weight that actions carry. Each of us has some sort of an impact — being in tune with that impact can change relationship dynamics and improve experiences. Self-awareness around the origin of your emotions can help you to grow. Don’t be afraid to open up and validate yourself as a man. Men have a unique set of experiences worthy of addressing and caring for uniquely. We are here to support you.

It can be hard to let go of the myth that manhood does not incorporate sensitivity. However, when you open up and validate yourself, you may like the way you find yourself showing up. Men and their issues are our focus at Valiant Living. We want you to find a safe space at our facility. We understand how to treat people suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. At our men-only facility located in the Denver area, we can help you embrace what uncertainty has to offer while establishing stability in your life. Call us today to find out how we can help at (303) 952-5035.