Asking if a Treatment Program Is a Good Fit for You

A person who is ready to enter a recovery program often wonders if they will be a good fit and what other people in the program may be like. Valiant Living is an excellent choice for those looking to enter sober living. Our variety of treatment options include medically supervised detoxification, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and transitional services. We offer hope to people who are new to treatment and those who have not yet found success with previous attempts at recovery.

Our Programs Offer Help For Damaged Relationships

A marriage impacted by alcohol and drug abuse is a marriage in trouble. We offer reliable solutions for healing relationships affected by addiction, infidelity, and inappropriate relationships. Our team of professionals can help address intimacy disorders that include a range of sexual and emotional behaviors. When both partners learn how to move forward, they allow themselves to reinvent their marriage in a healthy manner.

We Treat Co-Occurring Mental Illnesses

More than half of people dealing with addiction and alcoholism also suffer from mental health diagnoses. We treat depression, anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other issues. Learning to manage mental illness makes it that much easier to focus on becoming sober, allowing our clients to get the best of both treatment worlds in one setting.

Professional Career Men Find Camaraderie With Us

We offer help and hope to people from all walks of life. We often find working professionals are looking for the right place to seek treatment. For such individuals, the right place is often among their peers. Hard-working professionals can step away from their everyday worlds and careers long enough to learn how to embrace sobriety, which allows them to maintain the comfortable life they have waiting back home. 

With so many treatment programs out there, people wonder which one is right for them. Things to consider include location, treatment options offered, and who your peers may be. Valiant Living provides many options for addressing your alcohol or substance abuse and your mental health. We also feature ways to heal marriages damaged by alcoholism, addiction, and negative marital behaviors. Many clients who were unable to find success with previous programs discover that we provide the push they need to succeed. Call us now to find out if we are a good fit for your goals! (303) 952-5035.