Why You Should Quit Vaping Because of COVID-19

Stress and anxiety have been a common theme throughout the recent global pandemic. When these reactions arise, seeking coping mechanisms can assist in alleviating stress and anxiety. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or a vape pen can be easy to grab for instant gratification to change how they feel. While drugs and alcohol are mind-altering, tobacco and vaping are often used as a calming effect on stress and anxiety. 

Although vaping was used as a marketing ploy to wean off traditional cigarettes, vaping has also proven to result in harmful consequences. Many people have forgotten that 2020 started off with the evidence that e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) had become an issue due to vaping. Statistics showed that lung injury from vaping was first reported in April of 2019. The number of cases peaked in September of 2019 and in January of 2020, the public was made aware of the vaping epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

How Are COVID-19 and Vaping Linked?

Since vaping affects the quality of the lungs and COVID-19 is a lung disease caused by a novel coronavirus, mixing the two could lead to disastrous results. COVID-19 causes respiratory pathogens to scar the lungs, which makes vaping cause even more havoc on the lungs when combined. Vaping can more than double a person’s propensity for more severe symptoms when infected by COVID-19. 

How Can I Quit Vaping?

If a person is ready to quit vaping, there are many ways to complete cessation from e-juice. Some people go cold turkey, which is not always practical, or some use nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges to help the discomfort of withdrawal. Talking to a doctor about safely detoxing off nicotine and e-juice can also yield better results than trying to go at it alone. First, an individual should pick a start date (hopefully now) and adhere to that timeline to keep going vape free. 

There are healthier ways to deal with stress and anxiety than relying on the harmful effects of vaping to get a person through these uncertain times the country is facing. Turning to therapy, mindfulness, exercise, or other outlets that can help blow off steam without having to reach for a vape is progress. This is the time to start making sure self-care is in place so that you do not have to silently suffer from all that stress and anxiety. Through the cessation of vaping, you can be proud of the efforts you are taking to become healthier and be an example of strength during the trying times of a global pandemic.  


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