What You Should Know About Online Meetings

online meetings

With the scare of the coronavirus, people have started trying to stay out of public and are making sure their hands are clean. For someone in recovery, this could be terrifying for many reasons. The fear that you could contract this virus is enough to keep you out of meetings, especially with the hand holding at the end of the meeting, the hugs, and the closeness of the chairs. Remember, though — recovery offers a solution of “where there is a will, there is a way.” 


Online meetings are nothing new, but could be an important option to consider ongoing. The website, intherooms.com, lends valuable support that could be your saving grace. You can find 12-Step meetings for drugs and alcohol, codependency group meetings, ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meetings, and dual diagnosis meetings. There are meetings for men, women, LGBTQ, Native Americans, and many other options that could be individually beneficial.


What to expect

Online meetings are not meant to replace face-to-face meetings. They are in place to aid people’s recovery when they are sick, out of town, in rural locations, or like recently, with the coronavirus pandemic. You sign up on their online website with as little or as much information that you feel comfortable with. With anonymity in mind, you can use a nickname and not be required to turn on your webcam or share. They start the meetings similar to local meetings with the customs, reading literature, and then open up for sharing to anyone who wishes to speak. There are facilitators who can remove people from the website for being inappropriate or not following the traditions. Towards the end of the meeting, they will offer an option to donate money which is in line with being a self-supporting meeting. Finally, the meeting will close with prayer or whatever closing is appropriate for that specific meeting. The point is to keep the meeting as authentic as it can be online with people around the world trying to stay sober. 


What to obtain

Your recovery needs to be part of your daily life and when life happens, online meetings can give you the ability to seek the solution that keeps you sober. Finding serenity can be difficult in a chaotic world, but it is there for the taking. Online meetings can connect you with people who relate to your addiction and guide you to regroup. The solution in your recovery is everywhere — so keep coming back face-to-face, or FaceTime to FaceTime. 


Your recovery can remain strong throughout difficult times. Valiant Living works to broaden our client’s horizons with our evidence-based therapy. Our goal in mind is to assist them in their efforts to stay sober for long-term recovery. With the power of recovery, clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing. Call us today for more information: 303-536-5463